Even at the best of times, Georgetown students deal with spotty WiFi, messy edtech systems like Blackboard, HoyaLink, and MyAccess, and a lack of awareness about cutting-edge tech on campus. These issues typify Georgetown’s unfortunate legacy as a school stuck in the technological past. We, as students at a top-tier university, deserve top-tier technology to support our many endeavors.


  • Urge UIS to create a cross-functional working group on WiFi stability, strength, and security.
  • Partner with Corp I+T to create meaningful solutions to student problems (i.e. build more amazing tools like Classy).
  • Lobby the Registrar’s Office to adopt the new Workday registration system when it is released, which will boast a more user-friendly interface than the current Ellucian system.
  • Work with Gelardin to publicize student access to 3D Printers, VR helmets, A/V studios & equipment, and more.
  • Try to get more outlets installed in high-traffic locations like Lau 2, Sellinger Lounge, and HFSC.
  • Facilitate communication between students and UIS through the Student Technology Advisory Board and publicize meetings.
  • Support mobile-friendly platforms such as apps for edtech systems, and publicize them to students.
  • Request convenient outdoor charging stations for electronics like phones or laptops.


By advocating for stronger, more stable WiFi across campus, recommending the adoption of more user-friendly edtech platforms, and championing tech initiatives on campus, we will bring Georgetown into the future that it should have claimed all along. Tech has the ability to make our lives much better, but only if we have access to it. Our campaign will work with the administration to make key technology upgrades that make everyone’s lives better.