Unrecognized Student Groups

Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges:

Unrecognized student groups, including both advocacy groups and Greek organizations, continue to face significant barriers accessing University resources that are afforded to recognized student groups. GUSA should step in to support these groups where the University will not, affirming their important role in on-campus student life and providing access to printing, tabling, and storage space. GUSA should work in particular to build a culture of respect among administrators and students towards Greek Life, engaging new communities in the conversation and working with all eight unrecognized Greek organizations to facilitate the creation of a collaborative Greek Council.


Supporting all unrecognized student groups:

  • Host workshops at the beginning of each semester to train unrecognized student groups in booking classrooms, taking advantage of free speech rights, and creating successful co-sponsorships with the Center for Student Engagement.
  • More frequently offer GUSA co-sponsorship for important unrecognized student group events that require significant funding and space.
  • Commit to cover printing expenses for both black and white and color flyers for unrecognized student group events.
  • Purchase several sets of tables and chairs to loan out to unrecognized student groups on a contractual basis.
  • Continue to offer unrecognized student groups opportunities for funding through the GUSA Fund and storage through the GUSA storage cage.
  • Work with CAB to ensure better placement and signage for unrecognized student groups at the winter CAB Fair.
  • Ensure that GUPD officers are properly trained on student free speech rights. Check out our full free speech platform here.

Supporting Greek Life:

  • In response to Dr. Olson’s annual anti-Greek email message, send out an email affirming GUSA’s support for students who choose to join Greek organizations.
  • Engage the leadership of Blue & Gray and NSO to establish fair and honest policies for portraying Greek Life to prospective and incoming students.
  • Host a Greek Life town hall to engage students and faculty from communities across campus in a more open conversation about the role of Greek Life at Georgetown.
  • Work with the leadership of all eight unrecognized Greek organizations to create an independent Greek Council that represents Greek Life to the non-Greek community, facilitates collaboration on joint inclusivity and community service efforts, and promotes Greek Life with a joint website and publicity campaign.