Workers' Rights

Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges:

Activist efforts to protect the rights of student workers, Aramark workers, and other University employees have made great strides in recent years, but administrative intransigence and a lack of transparent information remain persistent barriers to progress. In order to address these barriers, GUSA will actively support the work of advocacy groups, including the Georgetown Solidarity Committee and the Office of the Student Worker Advocate, by amplifying their messages, connecting them with top-level administrators, and hosting a Hoya Roundtable focused on workers’ rights issues, including mail consolidation. GUSA can additionally create physical and digital spaces for student workers to communicate, and push for permanent institutionalized student engagement in Auxiliary Services contract matters.


Student Workers:

  • Campaign to have Georgetown apply the money that RA’s make to personal contributions, keeping the Georgetown grant amount fixed. RA benefits should be applied as personal/family contribution rather than replacing grant money from the University.
  • Work to restore the semesterly wage increases of student hourly employees.
  • We will push for increases in department budgets so that student workers can continue to receive seniority-based raises after minimum wage hikes.
  • We will push departments to provide budget transparency to OSWA as it pertains to student jobs.
  • Work with the SEO to pursue the creation of a University database of jobs in the immediate Georgetown area, including both on and off-campus employers.
  • Create a list of names or a database of alumni willing to host students working summer internships in other cities.
  • Expand student knowledge of the Office of the Student Worker Advocate and Student Employment Office as resources for students with employment issues.
  • Seek to have the university employers to notify students of the existence of the Employee Student Handbook and Office of the Student Worker Advocate.
  • Seek to have university worksites that employ students to keep a physical copy of the Employee Student Handbook for students to refer to at all times/ give students a copy when they begin employment.
  • Ensure that employers follow university best practices in the process of terminating students from University employment.
  • Support students seeking rights outlined in OSWA’s Bill of Rights.
  • Support the efforts of student workers to associate and organize within their workplace without intimidation, unjust pressure, or undue delay.
  • OSWA will meet monthly or biweekly with a large team of student workers to discuss concerns and share information.
  • Publicly oppose the University’s mail consolidation effort and host a Hoya Roundtable to engage students in the conversation. If mail consolidation does take place, ensure that students are provided with alternative work-study jobs of equal quality and work with the SEO to create a database of on- and off-campus student jobs.

Non-Student Workers:

  • Lend formal GUSA support to the Nike labor practices campaign and offer GUSA as a vehicle for amplifying the campaign’s message on campus.
  • Work closely with Auxiliary Services to engage both student input and the voices of food service workers in the dining contract renegotiation process.
  • Support the Georgetown Solidarity Committee (GSC) in political, financial, and administrative ways as they work in solidarity with on-campus workers.
  • Work with GSC to advocate for the safety and dignity of facilities workers, including addressing concerns like emergency weather accommodations, appropriate levels of staffing, and hiring from within.