The arts community at Georgetown, representing the four main art forms –– visual arts, music, theater, and dance –– is composed of a driven student body of dedicated performers, creators, and builders. Including department classes, student groups under PAAC, and individual, non-group-affiliated artists, the fabric of the arts at Georgetown is sewn together by a common drive for creating art and need for adequate space, finance, and advocacy. With inadequate space and funding, arts groups lack an advocacy group engaged in the Master Planning process.



  • Work with the student representatives to the Board of Directors to present at a Board meeting on recommendations for necessary arts space, including:
    • Adequate temperature controlled storage space, which includes additional lockers that would be a priority for the music department, but can also be rented for general use by student musicians not affiliated with PAAC or DPAC.  
    • Adequate structurally and acoustically sound performance space, which can accommodate a large audience size.  
    • Adequate access to performance and practice space for student performers not associated with existing academic or extracurricular arts programs, such as bands or individual instrumentalists in need of amplifier equipment.
    • General purpose visual arts space in addition to existing academic space in Walsh, for student artists not formally enrolled in an arts class.
    • Greater display of student visual arts around campus.
    • The relocation of the Music Department to a permanent location.


  • Work with Ron Lignelli from PAAC to make his space reservations calendar public to the performing arts community, so that groups know what spaces are reserved and when.
  • Continue coordinating Arts Week, which aims to put a spotlight on different arts groups and programming on campus.
  • Host a monthly Arts Forum where groups/community members can communicate information and opportunities for arts involvement, publicize upcoming events, meet other community members interested in the arts and present pressing advocacy issues pertaining to the arts.
  • Coordinate social events for arts community members.
  • Institutionalize management of the “Georgetown Arts and Creativity” Facebook group under the GUSA arts team.


  • Work closely with PAAC and alumni networks to secure funding and potentially coordinate a Kickstarter campaign for projects that are flagged as a critical need, such as renovations and structural updates for Mask and Bauble’s performance space in Poulton Hall.
  • Work with the Office of Financial Aid to secure financial support for non-textbook supplemental arts class materials, such as paint, canvases, and paint brushes.


In order to address these barriers, we will bring together students from across the arts community in an inclusive GUSA arts team, which will serve as both a unified advocacy body for the arts and a forum for communication and collaboration between student representatives from different arts communities and organizations. The arts team will host monthly public fora to more broadly engage the membership of different arts organizations. The goal of such guided conversations, open to all students involved in the arts in any capacity, is to discuss common issues among and across art forms - such as meaningful renovations of and additions to existing arts spaces on campus in order to spatially and symbolically foster the continued growth and vitality of the arts on campus.