Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges:

A perpetual lack of adequate funding and space, indirect communication between the many athletic institutions on campus, and opaque athletic priorities are all barriers to effective advocacy. We plan to address these barriers by forming an inclusive GUSA team to work on athletics advocacy that will include student representatives from SAAC, ABCS, intramural sports, and other student athletes who have a stake in the conversation. By bringing everyone to the same table, we hope to facilitate more direct communication to enable more effective advocacy. We will additionally seek clarity in appointing two GUSA liaisons to the Student Athlete Advisory (D1) Committee in order to formally extend GUSA as a resource to D1 athletes.


Intramural Sports:

  • Preserve intramural access to field space during construction on Cooper Field.
  • Push for intramural access to the Duke Ellington track and field just north of Reservoir Road.

Club Sports:

  • Preserve club sports access to field space during construction on Cooper Field.
  • Engage student input in determining the best use of new space in Yates after the opening of the Thompson Athletic Center.
  • Ensure that the club sports athletic trainer for high impact teams receives adequate space and resources in the area that is being vacated by the varsity weight room.
  • Prioritize the timely renovation or replacement of Kehoe Field and ensure student input in the process on issues of access and usage. Support ABCS in finding a new high-quality field as an alternative to Kehoe until the completion of a necessary renovation.
  • Work with ABCS to redesign the club sports financial management structure to allow teams to save money from year to year.
  • Push for clarity around the alumni donation process to club and varsity sports teams, including cheerleading.

Varsity Sports:

  • Work with the University to designate locker room and equipment space for the varsity tennis team in the Thompson Athletic Center.
  • Advocate for varsity tennis access to Visitation School tennis courts.
  • Push the University to hire an additional academic advisor for non-basketball varsity athletes.

All Athletics:

  • Educate students about long-term plans for Yates and Kehoe Field and work with administrators to design a process meaningful process for student engagement in the planning process.
  • Lend formal GUSA support to the Nike labor practices campaign and offer GUSA as a vehicle for amplifying the campaign’s message on campus.