Most of the problems humanity has faced, from energy to communication, have been solved by entrepreneurs. Despite the big wins generated by entrepreneurship, Georgetown does not seem to acknowledge the positive returns that could generate for the campus community. Successful entrepreneurs can be big donors, and some even sit on the Board of Directors of the University. Therefore, if not for the benefit of its students, then for its own benefit, the University must support entrepreneurship on campus. The most pressing issues right now are a lack of workspace and lack of concerted university support.


  • Work with the MSB and Lau to designate an existing conference room as an entrepreneurship space accessible 24/7 to students with startups.
  • Extend access to the GUSA unrecognized student group storage cage to student startups.
  • Engage top University administrators in a conversation about long-term institutional support for entrepreneurship on campus.
  • Explore long-term options for a permanent and vibrant entrepreneurship space in a renovated Reiss, in the Student Life Corridor, or a in a University-owned townhouse.
  • Explore policy changes to better support student entrepreneurs.  
  • Actively engage interested faculty in student advocacy efforts.
  • Work with Gelardin to publicize student access to 3D Printers, VR helmets, A/V studios & equipment, and more
  • Work with the Office of Alumni Relations to connect student entrepreneurs with successful alumni entrepreneurs.
  • Partner with other universities for entrepreneurship programming and information sharing.


A dedicated entrepreneurship advocacy team will bring together student entrepreneurs and other interested students and community members to create a better climate for entrepreneurship on campus. Our campaign will focus on connecting entrepreneurship advocates directly with Todd Olson, Randy Bass, and other high-level administrators. We will also encourage the university to dedicate space to student startups.