In recent years, students have experienced numerous changes in both on-campus and off-campus housing. Students are now required to live on-campus for a minimum of three years and students participating in Fall semester study abroad are unable to participate in the regular housing lottery. Efforts towards a better housing experience have been consistently hindered by the confusing nature of the current housing system and a lack of transparency from the administration. More specifically, in day-to-day life, students continue to face slow response times from Planning and Facilities Management. This means that in addition to the bigger picture frustrations caused by broader housing changes, every day grievances also fail to be properly addressed.


  • Encourage Planning and Facilities Management to prioritize currently deferred maintenance in residential areas over the construction of any additional structures.
    • Push for a clear and realistic timeline for renovating residential facilities.
  • Work with administrators to design a more efficient mail distribution system.
  • Increase response capabilities of Facilities Management team to better respond to work requests in residential areas.
  • Advocate for community room development, where each residential community is allotted funds to specialize common rooms, in partnership with InterHall and GUSA.
  • Create a “Housing Fair” geared toward freshmen and sophomores where students from across all upperclassman residential areas are present to help answer community-specific questions.
    • Publish a housing guide for underclassmen to help clarify which housing locations are desirable and how to best leverage the existing lottery system to one’s advantage.
  • Partner with RAs to complete an evaluation of current communities and identify pressing issues that Facilities and Residential Living can rectify outside the scope of deferred maintenance.  


Traditionally, a small, committed number of students have been involved in advocating for housing issues. We will bring more students into the conversation from day one to better engage the campus community on these critical issues and to provide new perspectives on finding solutions. Additionally, we will advocate for more transparency in housing issues in an effort to combat the general confusion around the housing system.