Mission & Ministry


Student life issues relating to religious requirements are often not addressed on campus. Dining & Auxiliary Services does not adequately accommodate students with religious dietary restrictions. Furthermore, Campus Ministry groups are often left out of the Master Planning conversation, and do not have any sort of relationship with GUSA to use for advocacy relating to space or equal access.



  • Halal and Kosher food options have been found to be expired, moldy and limited in variety, and should be improved. Leo’s should eventually adopt a full Halal and Kosher station.
  • Students who are strict vegetarians or vegans for religious reasons cannot use utensils or tools that may have been used to prepare meat. Dining & Auxiliary Services should provide alternative meal preparation options, such as a separate panini station, and should also clarify if kitchen preparations for vegetarian and vegan food have not been made with utensils also used prepare meat.
  • Clear labeling for vegetarian, vegan, halal and kosher food at Leo’s.

Representative to the Campus Ministry Students Forum:

  • GUSA should appoint a representative to attend CMSF meetings, where CMSF students can talk to GUSA about advocacy issues or programming support.
  • The representative can work with Campus Ministry on organizing a social media campaign where students can take pride in their religious identity and describe how their faith has shaped certain aspects of their Georgetown experience.
  • The representative can work with academic councils, deans, and the faculty senate on the university’s policy to excuse absences related to observing religious holidays.
    • This policy needs to be applied universally, and the same standards should be used for students practicing non-Abrahamic faiths.

Interfaith Center and Hindu Praying Space:

  • The representative should liaise between Campus Ministry and the GUSA Master Planning Team to aid in the process of establishing a Hindu Prayer Space and planning for the future Interfaith Center.


The Campus Ministry Students Forum already serves as a great forum for campus ministry groups, however a clear line of communication with GUSA can aid religious groups to seek help with advocating for student life issues related to religious requirements, religious space and religious programming.